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Fiddletown Community Center

Fiddletown Community Center

Welcome to Fiddletown, California! The Fiddletown Community Center is dedicated to fostering what makes this town great - the community! Join us at our monthly meetings, one of the many annual events, or better yet, become a member!

Come Join Us
At The Next Meeting
First Thursday of the month

Volunteer - It's Fun!

The FCC has two annual events that help raise
money to meet ongoing expenses. Come lend a
hand! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors
and participate in fun events.

Contact Joann Mendoza at 209-296-5705 or by email

Membership Drive!

It's the beginning of a new year...and a new
membership. It is only $10 a year, from Jan 1st through Dec 31st. Membership is on a per person basis, so get one for each person in your household (18 years or older). Questions? Call
209-296-5705 or send an email.

Sign me up!

Library News& Book Club

Book Club:
Please call Cheri for details at 209-296-4707.

1st Thursday, 10 to 2
2nd and 3rd Thursdays, 1 to 4:30
4th Thursday, 3:30 to 6:30
5th Thursday, if there is one, 3:30 to 6:30

Our new bookshelves are well underway.
George B. and Jim K. have volunteered to do
them and we are ever so grateful. Sharon and
I met with them over the holidays to show them
what we needed.

We receive two to three grocery bags a week
with donations of books. Many thanks to those
of you who donated books and money.

Happy Reading, Judi Lindholm and the Ladies



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