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About the Fiddletown Community Center

Fiddletown is still the charming, sleepy, little foothill town that has survived from
the days of the California Gold Rush.

Fiddletown has seen many changes since those days. When the gold rush was
over, a number of folks stayed and put their energies to other forms of mining,
to farming and to logging. The town flourished until the latter half of the twentieth
century. As commerce changed, Fiddletown also changed. Many of the local
businesses began to close their doors and the town became a quiet place to live.
In some historical journals, Fiddletown is listed as a ghost town. A somewhat
misleading title, if you ask us.

When you are in Amador County enjoying the sights of the historic towns on the
Hwy. 49 corridor, be sure and take a side trip to Fiddletown. We are six (6) miles
east of the town of Plymouth, and just over the hill from the Shenandoah wine
country. If you are not here during the Fiddletown Flea on the second Saturday in
June, or the Fiddlers’ Jam on the third Saturday in September, you’ll probably think
there is no one at home (which will be your chance to commune with those “ghosts”
from the past).

We have Fiddletown walking-tour maps at the Fiddletown Community Center hall.
The maps are located on the porch wall by the telephone. You will find it to be a
charming little tour, with no tourist shops, no restaurants and very, very little

Again, we hope you enjoy our website and that you’ll get the opportunity to come
and visit. You will find more about Fiddletown and the activities in the area as you browse the site.

The Forge
Oleta Schoolhouse
Chew Kee Museum

Thank you for visiting.

Fiddletown Community
Center President